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Mia Sandburn
Digital Marketer
Asked a question 8 months ago

Can anyone help me in letting me know, what is basically a CMS and some good CMS?

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Carol Randhawa
Hello, I am a growth evangelist!

A content management system (CMS) is a software application, which is used to manage digital content creation and modification.

Let me tell you in past i have used many CMS applications to manage my web content some of them were best which I am still using. You should choose the CMS which you understands easily and can think of going long with it. Some of them i am mentioning here-

  1. WordPress.com9 for a WordPress.org8 alternative
  2. Drupal for high-traffic websites
  3. Squarespace for quickly building a website with an integrated CMS
  4. Blogger.com2 for bloggers

You can use any of them which suits you. And let me know in the comment here.





CMS, is for Content Management System, by the help of this application you can create,publish and manage all the content online. The best thing whenever you use CMS is that you will be able to manage both your websites and the content without the help of any code. Basically all the good CMS offers a simple and handy visual editor, from which it becomes easy to publish without any problem.

Some good CMS are

1)GO Websites

It is the easy and most preferred CMS, its trending  and very simple to use. The platform is having limitless functionality


WordPress is the  most popular CMS platforms on the web. It is popular due to  its versatile and simple platform is to use.

3) Drupal

Drupal is known for being highly important and secure. The platform is also having smooth interface