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How do I automate sending emails?

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Step 1: Create a plan

Experienced marketers know that the first step in any good campaign is to create a successful plan. In this case, you'll need a plan to guide your automation campaign.

The power of automation lies in using the right data to automate the process - so you first need to find out what data you have to match customer actions with relevant emails.

Organize your emails by triggers

For example, you can automate:

  • Welcome emails after registration
  • Confirmation messages after registration
  • Resend emails after a period of inactivity
  • Subscription renewal reminders with one month left

These rules and triggers are the basis for creating a campaign that works. Therefore, it is essential that you have a plan for what data to use, where it comes from, and how it reaches your email marketing automation system.

Step 2: Automation that's right for you

There are three basic types of email service providers: freemium, mid-tier, and enterprise. But which is right for you? Evaluate which type of email service provider can power your email automation and best meets your needs and budget.

Step 3: Configure the workflow

Once you've selected a system to automate your email, set up the automated emails you want to send to your subscribers. Campaign Monitor makes it easy to set up automated workflows for your emails.

Step 4: Measure

The last step - which is underway - is to test yourself and refine your efforts. 

Most email marketing tools provide comprehensive data on email-related values ​​(such as openings and clicks). Some, such as Campaign Monitor, provide a real-time world map of people interacting with your email. 

To get the more in-depth information to measure and optimize automated email results, you need to go beyond those values ​​and analyze the key numbers that matter to your business - things like visits, customers, and revenue. We have a free Google Analytics integration that you can use to quickly measure the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. 

Once you know what success means, you can continually refine and improve your email marketing for exact sciences.