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How do I boost a Facebook post organically?

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Facebook has always used an algorithm to determine the posts that appear in each user’s increasingly powerful news feeds. On many sites, there has been a drop in coverage at one point in the last year due to growing demand from users and advertisers. Users want the best content in their news, and brands want to reach those users.

1. Analyze your top 10

Access Insights from your Facebook page and sort your content by likes, comments, and distributions. This is the fastest way to see what resonates with Facebook users. Look for patterns. Are these mostly photos? If so, what do they have in common? How about conditional sharing? What can you learn from the comments in these posts? You will get an idea.

2. Post amazing content

Once you understand what works on your site, you will do even more! But how can you go beyond what has succeeded?

Ask yourself:

  • Would I share this with my friends?
  • What gets people talking?
  • What trending in your cause?
  • What are competing nonprofits posting on Facebook?
  • How can we be useful or even indispensable to our community?
  • The bottom line is that content is king on Facebook.

3. Optimize targeting

Administrators with Facebook pages with over 100 fans can post updates based on gender, relationship status, education status, age, location, language, interests, and release date. To organically target your posts, select "Allow targeting and privacy options when creating posts on my page." in the page settings. Once selected, you will see the targeting icon that appears in the lower-left corner of the editor.

This means that updates belonging to fans in a particular location or age group will not be hidden from fans outside that segment. And, on the other hand, a higher percentage of those affected by these targeted updates will appreciate, comment, and share.

4. Publish at the best time

A lot of research is behind this. Early morning and evening are generally the best time to post news, especially around 8 p.m. It makes sense when you think about it a little better - most people work during the day, come home for dinner, and then relax. But what about your fans? To see when your fans are online, check out the Facebook Insights post report.

5. Publish on weekends

On weekends, most people have more free time to see what’s going on with their Facebook friends. In addition, very few brands publish on weekends, so there is less competition during the news. This is an opportunity for your non-profit organization to gain more exposure in the news feed! Don't forget to make your posts "weekend friendly" by focusing on topics like family, fun, and weekend activities.