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How do I optimize Facebook ads that really work?

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Optimization means that your campaign results will improve as a result. This is one of the main things that separates successful unicorn advertising campaigns from others. I’m going to talk about Facebook ad optimization hacks that really help you take your campaign to the next level.

1. Optimize the likes and sharing of your Facebook ads

Likes and shares on your Facebook posts (and ads) are a pure form of social proof. If others like advertising, it means that the product must be very good. When you set up a Facebook ad campaign, you have two default options: create new ads for each set of ads and campaigns. The "Use existing posting" option often goes unnoticed. However, it's an incredibly effective way to optimize your ads' appreciation and sharing. 'Use existing posting' gives you the ability to combine all the obligations of placing your campaign in one ad. If you’re wondering how some advertisers have hundreds or thousands of likes in their Facebook campaigns, they’re probably using the same hacker for optimization.

2. Optimize ad scheduling

When I analyzed Facebook advertising accounts, I noticed that there are always a few days and hours that exceed the rest. To see which days of the week bring the most conversions with the lowest CPA, go to the Facebook Ad Manager reports and use the malfunction menu for daily campaign details. You can use performance data from different Facebook campaigns to find the best time to advertise. Then you can define campaigns according to a custom schedule so that you only come to potential customers when they have the most potential. Another reason to keep ad campaigns in a custom program is to reduce the frequency with which your ads appear - people will see your ads less often and won't get tired so quickly.

3. Optimize your ad Placement

When you advertise on Facebook, placing an ad has a big impact on your advertising costs. To find the best ad placements, log in to Facebook Ad Manager, and use the drop-down menu to split your campaigns by channel. Once you've discovered your best-performing ad placements, continue and optimize your campaigns accordingly:

  • Increase bids for the best placement results
  • If your ad position works below all expectations, remove it from your ad set

4. Always test your A / B ideas

One of the main parts of optimizing your Facebook ads is discovering what works. And what better way to discover new ads, messages, or better-performing audiences that perform a quick Facebook A / B test.

When looking for A / B testing ideas for Facebook ads, consider which ad could have the greatest impact on clickthrough rates and conversion rates.

I recommend that you start testing:

  • Ad design
  • Advertising text, especially the title
  • Your unique valuable offer
  • Ad placements
  • Call buttons
  • Bidding methods
  • Campaign goals