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How does marketing automation work?

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You won't know what actions certain people are taking or tracking, but you'll probably know some of the actions you expect from people and what your website visitors are doing in general.

This allows you to create campaigns that help you attract new customers and retain existing customers, reconnect with existing contacts, find opportunities for cross-selling and upselling, and generally retain people to your brand. Marketing automation lets you do all this and more in a single email, phone call, or social media post. Instead of sending a general email to thousands of contacts and hoping that a few percent of those clicks click on your website and perform an action, we can create interconnected campaigns to bind individual leads and potential customers.

Marketing Automation focuses on specific, personalized, automated emails that form your strategy. You can still send mass email campaigns to your contact database, but you can track targeted campaigns.

Once you accept what people want, you can send them content emails tailored to what they see on your site and who they are dealing with. This will lead to much better performance in your campaigns, and you will have to think about how best to deal with certain people and people like them.