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Asked a question 8 months ago

I have started a blog but my traffic is really low, can anyone help in increasing my traffic on the blog ?

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To increase the traffic on your blog,  first you have to see which all blog topics are getting good traffic and which all are not getting . After checking that try to write on those topics which are giving more traffic.

Second is do-not write plain blogs, insert images with blogs, as psychologically images attract  more visitors than a simple written blog.

To increase traffic, join different communities, paste on quora , make backlinks and comments on any other related blogs.

Share all the blogs on social media , so that it reaches masses .

As you have started the blog and you know blogging is very important and valuable,  but, if no one is visiting  your blog article, then there is definitely something is missing, following are some points which should be taken in mind after updating your blog post

  1. Be sure with your content- It means that target your content as the audience can likely to share,when you are writing something write in such a away that your audience are benefited from your content then  only audience will also can share those content.
  2. Headlines are  very important  - its a simple thing, if any notification comes in your phone you just swipe right or read them whole, depending on the heading of the notification/topic. So have your heading in such a way that, after reading the heading, they become interested in reading the whole blog.
  3. Join Communities,  where audience are available from before  - Your blog is not for everyone, there is a specific target audience in terms of demographics , so follow blogs, forums, websites and social media communities where the same things related to your niche are being discussed
  4. Make social sharing  - In today's world, twitter has 20 million active users, Facebook has more than billion user LinkedIn is also having more than 300 million users,.Combining all these users attracts very huge amount of time , so share all your blog post on these social media along with joining their respective communities.
  5. Add visuals like graphics and illustration - As we know, our mind reads images first than words, so its a very good option to add graphics, and illustration to your blog, so that audience gets attracted and traffic will increase