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Asked a question 8 months ago

I want to do a startup, guide me on what are some startup mistakes that i should avoid.

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There are countless of startups that starts and fail during a year, but the reason of all the failures are almost common, as a entrepreneur, before starting any company there are some common things that you have to keep in your mind.

  1.  Not planning in advance -  This is a common mistake, that all the entrepreneur do, they dont plan in advance, they only do some basic planning of some months and start the business. Whenever you are starting a business, make sure to plan some basic steps  for coming couple of years and then start.
  2. Ignoring the facts and data - Secondly what people do , is they just imagine that their business plan is good and they will succeed, and start the business, without seeing the trend in the industry and doing the research. 
  3. Fearing failure - Third is, what people generally do is they fear failure, what happens that, you see other people failing and fear that you will also fail. This is wrong, if they fail that doesn't mean that you will also fail , you do your research and be confident, and you will definitely succeed.