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Neil Dsouza
Startup founder
Asked a question 8 months ago

Is location the important aspect for my business?

Where am I?

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Physical location is important for brick-and-mortar retail stores as they should be visible in front of the target audience.  If its a startup then , importance of location becomes double as, unless people will be not aware about the business its hard to grow initially.
In todays modern world, location  has been shifted from physical offline to online on internet. In terms of location on internet means ranking on search engine on top. As generally people dont go ahead after the second page of google, so online presence is very important on top of the pages. So location is very important aspect for any business

Positioning has always been an important aspect for a business. The success of business depends on many factors like product, pricing , location and more. But out of all these location is an important factor for your business, reason being it helps company to be easily found, if company is in location, where it ca be easily found, then brand awareness will also increase.  Location basically influence a business ability to market itself, it also helps in competing with competitors. Depending on the business location, suppliers price and quality are also decided and location also determines the delivery speed of the product.