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Neil Dsouza
Startup founder
Asked a question 8 months ago

Should I Build A Web Or Mobile App?

Where am I?

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In recent times, the mobile traffic have seen enormous growth, in terms of traffic. Now a days, people are every time on mobile, in metro, or in office, or in home. So the best thing i will suggest you is the mobile app in today's world. You can also check the below data , the number of smartphone users that have increased and is expected till 2021. 

Nos of users on smartphone (in Billion)
Nos of users on smartphone (in Billion)

The answer to this question is it depends on the product you are selling. In todays world as majority of people use mobile, so mobile app has become more important part, but cant ignore the web too.

You can do a poll as to check what your customers want , what are their preferences.

You can also do a deep research of your competitors and check what they are doing, how they are engaging more.

If your product needs GPS locations then , then mobile app is the best solution.

The main answer of this question is the industry you are in.
In general if you are starting a company,  mobile apps are  preferred as they are easy to create.
And according to a research , 222 percent increase is seen in the last 5 years on mobile traffic. 
Talking about the content on both the platforms, the text, data and images all are basically same.
To decide whether to use website or App is to to check your end goal, that is target audiences, available budget, and competition and then come to a conclusion. In general mobile app should be considered first as there is lot of traffic coming on mobile nowadays.