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Asked a question 8 months ago

Startup ideas should be discussed or not ?

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Yes, you should discuss the ideas.

Personally I was having an idea but was afraid to share and after working on that idea, without sharing for 4 months or more, I scrapped the whole project. I made  lot of mistakes , that could be prevented 
just  by talking to my target audience and getting a suggestion from  them. I based my decisions on hunches and my subjective opinions that was really wrong, So I will recommend you to share basic idea and get suggestions from audiences.   

Carol Randhawa
Hello, I am a growth evangelist!

First of all! It's a really a good thing to have an idea.

You have to tell everyone your idea to be honest.. But some practical knowledge should be present which makes your concept special compared to others. This knowledge has to be communicated in a coded way so that other may understand your story but not able to crack it in their own way.