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Asked a question 6 months ago

What are the main important challenges while starting a business ?

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When you are starting something new and for the very first time , then its a very big challenge. Any challenge is hard when accepted whether its small or big, when it comes to business, its a really huge task to accomplish, its even more hard, if its the first time. Here are the top 3 problems that i faced when i started my first company.

1) Time Management

It is the first issue that comes, when you are doing it for the first time. if you are starting a business than make sure that you properly  manage your time. It becomes a hectic task initially and what people do is they try to do all things altogether and hence wasting time.

2) Startup funding

If you are having a funding option then great otherwise, startup funding is a very big issue, as people generally dont get funding  easily and gets demotivated . I understand the scene, the point here is go for loans, share your business proposal to different persons and try try until you get a funding

3) Stay motivated

While doing a business, there comes a point where anything doesn’t work, everything goes against you, at that time dont get stressed, as there will be many ups and downs in life, you have to tackle them all. Surround yourself with motivated and high energy people and resources. At those times be with your friends , hang out with them,  watch movies and try to calm your mind.