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What do you look for most in an email automation tool?

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As we know, email marketing does not mean sending random promotional emails to people in the hopes that they will become profitable conversions overnight. It's about communicating with people in a humanized way, using targeted content to get your message across. That being said, using an Excel spreadsheet with Outlook to manage your lists and send emails is no longer a problem. In the modern age, you need something much more efficient.

According to a recent survey, 60% of marketers say that email marketing produces a significant return on investment and 32% say it will end up producing it. This means that choosing the right email marketing software for your job is crucial to your efforts.

When choosing your platform, you should consider the following three things:


When working with digital marketing, your CRM (customer relationship management software) is your best friend. Updating lists and sending emails manually takes a long time, so choosing an e-marketing platform email that integrates seamlessly with your CRM will provide a simple solution for managing valuable content and customer data, as well as providing an overview of key values ​​(opening rates, click-through rates) to see which campaigns have the best performance.

Reading and viewing options

43% of people now check their emails on their smartphones every day.

In today's world, fewer and fewer people open their email in a traditional desktop configuration, which means that choosing an email marketing tool with mobile-optimized features and templates is essential. If someone opens an email on their mobile device and it doesn't display correctly, it will be returned immediately and their efforts will be redundant.

Response treatment

Whether your business is small, medium, or colossal - managing your email response is vital. If you're part of a smaller company that sends a newsletter or series of emails to about 1,500 people a month, you'll need less sophistication when it comes to automating and managing responses, and you'll be able to manage a part of the work manually. But if you're dealing with large amounts of email, choosing email marketing software that allows you to send automated or aggregated customer responses to your tickets will be beneficial.