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What is KPI's and how it helps ?

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KPI is known as key performance indicator, its basically a metric that shows and tell how a certain organisation or a individual is performing against their decided principal objectives You can think KPI as signposts, as they generally tell you where to go , how to find a route in the map and achieve the desired business goals.

It helps as it can be measured and tracked as to how you are performing and according you can improve your time as well as performance, but changing or rerouting your work according to the set KPIs.

KPIs are Key Performance Index, the index generally act as a guide, and is designed to check the performance of company as per specified business objectives previously set.

KPIs are generally used by managers to check on the follow on tasks , measuring the performance of the company and measuring performance  in terms of percentage as to how much  percent of objective is remaining, in a given period of time.